Inter-faculty Institute of Art Studies

Director of the Inter-faculty Institute of Art Studies

dr hab. Dora Hara-Antoszkiewicz

Director of the Department of Human Sciences: dr hab. Bogna Łakomska

Head of the Chair of Fine Arts: dr hab. Anna Bem Borucka, prof. ASP


The Inter-faculty Institute of Art Studies is an independent entity with the rights of a faculty from 1 September 2012.

Lecturing at the Institute are professors, lecturers and specialists representing theoretical disciplines such as philosophy (art), aesthetics, art history, literary studies, cultural education, cultural anthropology as well as practical and artistic fields, especially drawing, painting, sculpture, computer graphics and visual arts.

Students gain theoretical knowledge and skills taught in the art workshops led by distinguished artists and teachers.

The theoretical curriculum consists of lectures, tutorials, seminars and classes. Topics of studies focus mainly on research on the borderline areas of humanities and artistic culture in the context of action and social change (art in public space, performative action, contemporary art identity, the present and past in the arts).

Classes in drawing, painting, sculpture and graphics are held in the Institute’s workshops, located in the main building of the Academy of Fine Arts (The Great Armoury Building).