Grading scale

Grade scale at ASP:

The following grading system is used in exams and credits:
excellent 5.5 (the highest grade)
very good 5;
good plus 4.5;
good 4;
satisfactory plus 3.5;
satisfactory 3;
unsatisfactory 2. (the lowest grade)

In case of students who student belong to exchange and international cooperation programmes, the following grading system is used in examinations. The ECTS grades have been given next to the descriptive grades.
excellent A;
very good A;
good plus B;
good C;
satisfactory plus D;
satisfactory E;
unsatisfactory F.

Students who come to ASP within the Erasmus/Erasmus+ Programme receive an examination card from the institutional coordinator. After an examination session and having received all the credits, students are obliged to give their cards back to coordinator of the Erasmus/Erasmus+ Programme. The credits/grades collected in the card are used to prepare the Transcript of Records, to be the basis for recognising the term at the home university.