Faculty of Graphic Arts

Dean: prof. Sławomir Witkowski

Vice-Dean: dr Łukasz Butowski



THE FACULTY OF GRAPHIC ARTS The Faculty of Graphic Design is one of the four Faculties within Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. It was established by the Senate of ASP in Gdańsk, resolution No 19/07 from 21.02.2007.

The Faculty of Graphic Design since 26.05.2008 has been fully authoritative to register for and conduct Ph.D (doctoral) title conferment procedure, habilitation (post-doctoral) and conferment of the Professor title in the discipline of Fine Arts.

During the academic year 2010/2011 our faculty obtained positive evaluation from the State Accreditation Committee.

The Faculty of Graphic Design has a mission. We are proud to offer an excellent variety of learning possibilities. The layout of our faculty combines two ways in one.

First of them is assisting the students to find tools to support a lifetime of art making. According to the Bologna declaration we intend to teach artists and designers guidelines. As graphic designers they have a realistic view of wide variety of market options. The second way is forming self-reliant graphic creators-artists ready to fight with their weaknesses.

The aim of teaching in the Faculty of Graphics is students acquiring high level of performance in using different artistic means. Their conscious, own critical thinking based on theoretical knowledge about art and culture is of overriding importance. Getting to know the workshop and sharpening their skills is necessary to realise own artistic vision.

Apart from realising the basic educational goals, the Faculty of Graphic Design works intensively on its mission to popularise knowledge about artistic graphics and design graphics.

The Faculty authorities have a two-pronged approach. On the one hand they promote students' achievements by organising exhibitions, and lectures strictly connected with the topic of this kind of art. On the other, they closely cooperate with the real commercial, industrial and business market, that needs professional support in visual communication, constructing advertising campaigns, and general design. Our ambition is to find top level, innovative and creative solution.

In the past two years, 41% of our 24 academic teachers have acquired higher titles and degrees. They took part in more than 200 individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Members of the Faculty of Design Graphics carried out over 400 different projects.

The demanding needs of the modern world make us improve our skills and professional competences. It has measurable and practical benefits-the level of academic education, way of teaching is one of the best in Poland. Successes of our students on international and Polish arena graphic arts and design.

Thanks to our open politics and professional information about the Faculty structure and performance, its specifics and uniqueness, the number of candidates each year outnumbers the available places.

Such interest and enthusiasm was achieved due to our exceptional publishing project on all-Poland scale The Faculty of Graphic Design in Gdańsk Yearbook, It has been published for 3 years and contains full information about the faculties structure, educational offer, presentation of all studios together with the silhouettes of the academic staff and implemented educational programmes.

The Faculty curriculum is based on an efficient combination and creative use of all available artistic media that two Chairs-The Chair of Graphic Arts and the Chair of Graphic Design offer.

These two entities are the basis for building up the artistic conscience of the graphic-to-be. Our program offer includes a variety of subjects in Humanities, various methods of design problem solving and creative use of artistic means in concept expression.

Graduates of the Faculty of Graphics obtain a Bachelor of Graphics after completion of first cycle studies and a Master of Art, the Faculty of Graphics after completion of the second cycle.

In our terms we realise the first and second cycle studies accordingly to the State Qualifications for the faculty of Graphics. Our graduates have been employed and are specialists in the broad field of polygraphy and printing. The fact that they participate in various graphic competitions proves their artistic proficiency.

As the Faculty of Graphic Design we keep in touch with our graduates. We observe their development and assist in their first steps outside the academy space.

I feel hopeful that the Faculty of Graphics in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, as an academic educational institution fully deserves its high position within all Academies of Fine Arts in Poland


Best regards

Dean of the Faculty of Graphics

Prof. Janusz Akermann